Description: ACTEN 
Time Period: 2016 – today

Introducing the product into the market.

Representation in:

– United Kingdom
– Italy
– Germany
– Switzerland
– Türkei
– Mexico

ACTEN® has a unique combination of essential nutrients for bones, joints and tissues.

Now everything can change for you.

Athletes, doctors and scientists know that we can support the regeneration of our joints through specific nutrients.

According to the current status of research, we have developed with ACTEN the best, clinically proven combination of nutrients for the cartilage structure in joints: HYDROIDAN.
With HYDROIDAN latest results of knowledge to supply the care of joints with nutrients is implemented for the first time in a product:

Essential collagen peptides plus brown algae extract, is an ideal combination with which the body can work quickly.


Provides a new quality of life.

With ACTEN® the essential ingredients are cleverly packaged in a gel-matrix. So they are transported without prejudice through the digestive tract and arrive accurate to where they can fully unfold their healing power.
Many previously known therapies work with painkillers, which help to fight the symptoms but not the problem.

ACTEN® sets up where others stop! For a world – without a mountain of pills and injections.

ACTEN® tastes good and is easy to swallow. Trough ACTEN the active support of the joints is as simple as the daily healthy diet.