Description: Real Estate Development

Uznach Switzerland

Time Period: 2015 – 2017

Project Management and Land Lord

Description project details:

Building of  Houses

Patent, wall concept MORE. In Cooperation with Terra Moretti Group

About MORE.

Innovative architectural design and prefab construction system for taylor made houses.

Other, more, even more…

MORE is aimed to everyone who believes in quality, because it projects and realizes a new way of living:

pleasant, versatile, long-lasting.

MORE is an innovative and industrialized building system which creates a mutual interest agreement and reciprocal trust between builder and owner, able to guarantee solidity, safety and serenity.

With its patented panel MORE goes new ways and allows a industrialized construction method which doesn’t only reduce building time and cost security.

It also help to keep problems which occur during construction phase to a minimum.

The massive construction method which meets the highest quality standards also allow architects a maximum of free zone for own creativity and ideas.

Smart built in control concepts allow the heating- and cooling system a higher unheard flexibility.

We will advise and accompany you completely stress-free until you take over your desired object – challenge us!!